Friday, February 26, 2010

Just About Ready!!

The paperwork is done, record checks done, autobiographys done, just waiting for Chris's medical to be filled out.  Have $560 more dollars to get to make up the $1350.  I am working on a couple more quilts that may possibly already be bought if the people like them so that will be another $300.  I am thinking that I may get some things ready for the farmer's market next weekend (Mar.6).  Will plan on some baked goods, quilts, baby beach balls, hot dogs and some place mats.

 So now I just have to figure out who can make what and how to get a lot of stuff made, while taking the kids skiing and to a hockey game for 3 days next week.  Hmmm, I am hoping I can pull it all off.  Sure I can!!!

I am sooo excited, nervous and impatient about getting this Homestudy done, this is the initial step that will officially put us full fledge On the Road to China.  It is nerve racking to know someone is coming into your home and judging you on your parenting, relationship with your spouse (in every intimate area), finances and I am sure there is a lot more that I am missing.  I keep thinking maybe there will be a reason that we won't be approved, I am not sure what that may be, but it is always a thought that nags at me every once in awhile.  Could it be that same annoying voice that tells us we are not good enough, smart enough or worthy enough?........... I think so.  So I have to choose to think positive, and believe we are worthy enough to raise another child, whether it is biologically or from half way around the world. 

We are reading, 'If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The Boat' in our Sunday School class, and I find it amusingly appropriate at this point.  It talks about Peter having faith enough in God to get out of the boat, and walk on the water.  Peter knew the joy and freedom of experiencing God's power after taking an enormous risk.  That is my desire throughout this entire process, to experience God's ultimate power, feelling the joy and freedom of relying completly on Him.  Now let me be the first to admit that I am still working on this and learning, and it is not always easy, I know I need to spend more time with God and get to know Him better.  As I am obedient with this, God will reveal himself to me more clearly than why don't I do it?   Good question right?  Yeah I thought so, but unfortunately I have no excuses.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.  1 Samuel 1:27

Monday, February 8, 2010

One Step Closer.......

This past weekend we had our info/training session in Saint John at the Fort Howe Hotel.  Brent and Joy traveled with us and despite our husbands harassing each other all weekend, we had fun.  It is so awesome to know we have such great friends that have the same strong desire to adopt from China.

The Friday night session was very informative and we had guest speakers that had adopted from Russia and it was quite an adventure for them.  The next day we started at 9am and went until 3:30pm.  We met some really awesome people whom also are starting their adoption journeys.  I think it is so neat to meet so many people that have the  desire to adopt and have so much in common.  You definately feel a connection to each of them. 

Now we have to finish up our paperwork and a couple other things before our homestudy can start.  Oh yeah and come up with $2700+.  So hopefully before spring we will have started or finished our homestudy and will be approved.  Yay, then I guess we will start the waiting, and waiting and waiting......  Hopefully we won't have to wait too long, but we are thinking it will be at least 3yrs.  Good things come to those who wait!!!  I am not sure if that means waiting patiently or impatiently though!!!