Thursday, July 26, 2012

1st Gotcha Day Anniversary - Part 2

I had imagined this day many times over this last year and really can't believe it is here.  
I really wanted to plan a special get together with Family and Friends, watch the movies from our trip, BBQ, eat cake and just celebrate our Year Anniversary, but sometimes life is just too darn busy to pull those things off.  Chris had to be away for meetings and we had a baseball game at 6, so this meant none of my plan were going to work out.  So we made the best of it and I took the boys and little Miss out for lunch.

When we were in China, we bought little souvenirs that we could give her over the next few years on her Gotcha Day Anniversary.  This year I chose to give her the Panda Nesting Dolls and I think I made the right choice because this girl loves pandas. 

She didn't have a whole lot of time to play with them because we were headed to the boys last ball game of the season.  She took along her Princess ball and glove that Noah got her for her Birthday and lets just say was pretty popular with some of the little boys who also wanted to play.

After the game, we headed home and she had a little bit of time to play with her pandas before bed.
 She is showing me Dada, Mama, Woawa, Zaiah and Tt!
 We hadn't realized when we got them that there were 5 Pandas!  (What a coincidence!)
Mommy panda may of just happen to mention, well if there had of been 6, then that may have meant we were to start making plans to go to China again. :)  Daddy Panda quickly stated that there were only 5 for a reason and TT was the last baby panda for this family!  OK, fine! (For now!) ;)

Anyway, though the day wasn't what I imagined, it turned out to be a pretty great day.  We are so glad you are here and can't imagine our lives without your infectious giggles, your sweet little voice saying, "up pees" (continually!), the way you call your bathing suit your bb soup, your gentle kisses you give mommy when I say I have a headache and how you hold my head and kiss my forehead to make it all better.  I love how you say your prayers at night and how you repeat Bepe(Grampy) and Duke over and over until I make you aware that we pray for God to bless others too. lol

1st Gotcha Day Anniversary - Part 1

Wow, where did this year go??  It feels like this little girl has always been here!
Looking at this picture, I see the sadness in your eyes, but thankfully it didn't take too long that we caught a glimpse of your beautiful smile.
Now that we are celebrating our 1st year as a forever family, I look back over the year in complete awe of you and sometimes can't believe that you are actually here.  
You have learned to trust and love your family, speak another language, how to be gentle with animals, you quickly learned that Grandparents let you do more than mommy, you learned to scream GOAL during a hockey game, and you grew to adore your daddy. 
Even though there were times in this journey that were tough for all of us, we have come through it all closer and more in love with you than we ever could have imagined. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

More BDay Photos

This was her invitation.

The Mermaids and Fish went swimming.

I'm not really sure if she even knew what it was yet, but I love her expression!

Adoption books friends gave her.  Very special.

She loved her Ariel cake.

Momma and her Birthday Girl!
She had a very wonderful, fun filled day.  Thanks to all who came and helped make her 1st Birthday home a Special one.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Girl!

This day fills me with so many emotions:
  I am so overjoyed that you are home with us to celebrate your Birthday.
  I am thankful that you were chosen to be our daughter.
  I am heartbroken for the mom who obviously loved you so very much, but had no other choice but to give you up!  She took so much care and thought as to where to place you so that you would be found quickly. I pray that she has the God given peace to know that you are loved and taken care of.
 I am happy that you have two brothers who love you and will always be there for you.

So on this your 3rd Birthday I made you this little video that represents your First 3 years.  What a journey you have been on little one and I pray that you continue to find happiness amidst life's adventures!  We love you so very much!