Sunday, May 10, 2015

On Mothers Day

Dear ______,

I don't know your name, how tall you are, if you have dimples when you smile, but I am fortunate to know this of your daughter.   I am no stranger to Mother's Day, since this is my 16th year being a mom to two handsome boys, but the adoption of our sweet girl has made me view this day differently.

I will be forever grateful for the gift you gave us and feel so lucky to be chosen to be her mom, but I also feel a sense of loss for you and for her!  I am sad that you felt letting her go was your only option.  Please know that we love her with all of our hearts; her infectious laugh, her bright smile that lights up the room, her easy going personality, independent and adventurous spirit.  She loves to cuddle, and is so smart!  She knows what she wants and how she wants it, she is a chatter box, she loves to find treasures at the beach, loves fishing and loves to help cook and clean. She's a fierce little hockey player, and the sweetest little ballerina you've ever seen, she loves her brothers and thinks it's great fun to pester them! She's so brave, very silly and tells me I'm her Princess!   I can't help but wonder which traits most resemble you; does she have your cute little nose or her "dads" long piano fingers? The way she uses her hands to talk along with the cutest and sweetest attitude you've ever seen, her love of animals (stuffed and real) and bugs; this girl loves her bugs!

I realize we may never know these things of you or you of her, but I expect she must cross your mind on occasion!  I can imagine the thought of her may hit when you least expect it and you relive the loss and pain of when you said goodbye, but I pray that you feel at peace in knowing you placed her safely where she would be found most quickly on that day!  I pray somehow you know that she is ok and has blossomed into everything you would dream your daughter would be!  She is loved, adored and we can't imagin our lives without her.  So on this Mother's Day I think of you and thank you for her life!  Maybe someday our paths will cross and you too will see how beautiful she is inside and out!  Thanks you _____! 💞