Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Change!

Well another month has passed with another disappointing update, they were only able to match 2 boys this month!  Apparently the 30 to 40 agencies around the world are much vigorous about locking files than in Canada?  Anyway, I am still practicing being patient, but man is it hard!!!

In the meantime over the next month, it is time for us to update our homestudy.  It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we did it.  So that will keep me somewhat busy over the next month with fingerprinting, record checks, medicals, and updating forms.  Since we are updating, now would be the time to make any changes to our request.  We are considering changing the age we will accept to 3yrs instead of 2. 

The reason we chose up to 24months, was basically for attachment reasons, also we want her to have a family as young as possible.  I also have selfish reasons for wanting her to be younger, it makes me sad to think that we missed those first few years.  That I wasn't there when she cut her first tooth, took her first step, to comfort her in the middle of the night or to hear her first word.  I am not sure how to deal with the sadness of missing all of her firsts.  It brought so much joy when our boys learned a new word, or learned to walk, but I am hoping the memories that we will make once she is home, will make up for missing those beginning months/years.  

I am not sure that any training sessions, books or even being a mother already, can prepare you for the many different feelings that international adoption brings.  On any given day, you can go from being frustrated on the length of the whole process, sad for the little ones that sit and wait, mad for the first two and amazed by the support and love you get from others.

I know some day soon all of these feelings will fade away; just as the memory of labor pains during birth;  once we see her sweet face and hold her in our arms all of the hard work will have been so worth it.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.  Hebrews 11:1

Monday, April 18, 2011


So we did move up a spot in March and are now the sixth family in line for an under 24mo. girl.  The new shared list will be coming out either this week or next and who knows if we will move another spot?!

I was a bit discouraged when I was told from the agency that they figured they would average matching one under 24mo. girl a month, so that would put us into September before we could possibly get a referral. :(  Mind you that could fluctuate in either direction.  They may match 2 this month or none, so it is so hard to say when our referral may come. 

Regardless of when our referral does come, we will still need a substantial amount of funds to bring her home, other fees and an orphanage donation of $5000.

Fundraising over the winter has not been on my to do list.  With constant hockey, homeschooling and with having worked my butt off with previous fundraising, you could say that I was a bit burnt out.  Also, knowing that we do not owe anymore fees until we have a referral makes it seem like I have a bit of time yet.  I also feel like at this point I need to have that picture of the precious little girl that will join our family.  So others can see her and know that they are apart of the journey to get her home. 

This past week I realized that I cannot wait for her referral, I have to continue to fundraise so we will have what we need.  I have had my fathers 1973 Thunderbird on Kijjii for the past year and this week; actually tomorrow; there is a guy coming to buy it.  So that is $4900 going into our adoption fund.  Thanks Dad (Grampy)!!!   I am also continuing my coffee fundraiser and I am still working on some quilts.  If anyone has any other "Easy" fundraising ideas, PLEASE let me know.

I am hoping I can get an update from the agency this month to see if anything has changed, so I shall let you know if I do find out something.  Thank you to all of you praying for our daughter and for our family during our wait.  Here's hoping for a referral sooner than September!