Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ortho Appt And A Lost Panda

Keely had her first Orthopedic appt. this past Thursday (Dec.8) and his conclusion was that he was sending us to the IWK in Halifax to the pediatric Ortho specialists.  So basically we are now waiting for another appt. and still have no idea what is going on with her knee.  Thankfully it doesn't seem to bother her or slow her down any so it isn't an urgent matter.

On another note, we LOST panda.  The very first stuffed animal I bought when we started our adoption process, he went to China with us and I really wanted Keely to become attached to him.  Finally after a month or two she finally loved panda and wanted him in her bed every night and carried him around all day.  We're not sure how it happened but we figure he fell out of the truck at some point during our stops at stores and we didn't even notice until we were back at the hotel and getting ready for bed. :(  This was really upsetting to me and I went back to each place that night to see if he could be in the parking lot, but no luck.  The next morning I went or called each business to see if anyone happened to find him and bring him to their lost and found, but no luck.  :(
This was Keely's last pic with panda on the ferry before he was lost!

 Keely still is asking for him, but mama has another one ordered off of Amazon that will be here on Tuesday. :)  He won't have the same special meaning the first panda had, but hopefully she won't know the difference.  All I keep thinking though is about those dang Toy Story movies and how the toys have feelings and miss their owners!  Ok Kim you are how old??? lol   Anyway, hoping maybe some lonely little girl found him that needed a soft cuddly panda to love. 

This was our second week back at church and Keely has done really well.  We have been able to keep her enertained enough to sit with us throughout the whole service.  Today was the children's Christmas concert and she went up with the toddlers to play in the rhythm band.  She stood on the stage and stared and that was that.  :)  Of course I forgot my camera so I am hoping someone got a pic of her at her first Christmas concert.

My aunt had a very bad heart attack this past Thursday and hasn't been doing very well, but today we had our Christmas Miracle and when they removed her breathing tube she was breathing on her own and woke up.  Praise God, still praying that she has a speedy and full recovery.  Things like this are horrible anytime of the year, but to happen two weeks before Christmas makes it especially hard.  Thankfully God hears our prayers and answers.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas by Third Day

I remember last year, a song by Third Day called Merry Christmas.  Last year we were the family at the beginning of the song and now we are the family at the last of the song.  The song pretty much makes me cry as much as it did when I heard it last year, but now it is emotional for a different reason.

Knowing she is finally here and never has to spend another Christmas alone makes any moms heart happy and cry tears of joy.  I sometimes have to stop in amazement of how great God is to make sure that she would be here with us this year.

Where We Are After 4 Months Home!

It actually seems like we have been home a lot longer than 4months, basically because we can't seem to remember the feeling of Keely not being here.

Ways I know she has attached to us(or is making really good progress in her attaching, so some of you don't freak out about how many years this takes).
She prefers me or my husband; (who endured her complete and utter rejection in the beginning); over others whether at home or out in a public setting.

She gets very excited with squeals when we are driving into the grandparents driveways, but is always ready to come home with mommy and daddy when we leave.

She doesn't seem to require a lot of attention from others who visit or out in public and sometimes can act almost snobby. lol

Has become selective in whom she gives her affections to. ( At first she would kiss just about anyone, but now thankfully knows the difference between acquaintances or family.)

She has become VERY busy like a typical 2yr old, well equipped with an independent spirit and the Nos to go with it.  A 13hr flight at this point probably wouldn't go as well as it did 4mo. ago.

She loves her daddy and sometimes prefers him over mama. FINALLY, I know I probably shouldn't be happy over this; but if you could have experienced the beginning; I am soooo thankful for this!

She LOVES the movies Finding Nemo and Tangled.

She loves her Panda, baby Kyah and her blankie.  Oh and now a little seal.  She has quite the armful when she is off to bed.

She sometimes will sit and let us read to her.  Her favorites right now are Gilbert The Great and Goodnight Moon.

Every time she walks in her room and we turn on her new birdcage light she says, "buful ligh".  She also says this now with all of the Christmas lights.

Speaking of, here are some pics of her decorating her little tree in her room.

Also one of a lazy Saturday morning snuggling with Dada, Panda, blankie and her new love spotted seal. (Kyah has recently been neglected)

So overall, I think we are doing quite well despite all this little girl has been through in 4 short months.  We are very thankful that she is here and that we can celebrate Christmas this year with our little girl.