Thursday, April 19, 2012


This weekend we will speaking at the International Adoption Training Seminar that we attended over 2 years ago!  I remember sitting at the seminar; as if it was last week; thinking wow this is probably going to take a very long time and how exciting it was to know we had taken that first step.  

I often wonder how many other couples here have brought there little ones home?  

 Some days I just stand in awe that we did it and that we have already been Keely's family for almost 9 months now!  My dream has come true and we grow to love her more everyday.  Don't get me wrong there has been many ups, downs and raw emotions that come along with this process especially after your child gets home (Still not ready to write a post on that yet!), but overall we have been extremely blessed and are thankful that we were given the opportunity to raise our Chinese Princess!

Here are some pics with Miss K wearing her new dress from Adelaide's Boutique, just like I promised.

Monday, April 9, 2012

More Easter Pics

Her face when she saw her Easter basket! <3

Hey Bunny!

Look Mommy!

Counting her eggs

With her sleepy brothers! 
I had ordered Keely an adorable dress from Etsy, but unfortunately it didn't come! :(  Ended up that mama, dada and Keely were not feeling great with head colds and we didn't make it to church anyways.  Hoping it comes this week though and there will definitely be a photo-shoot when I do get it.  Stay tuned........

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy 1st Easter To Our Girl!

I realize I am becoming a blogging slacker and when I think about all of the things I could be writing about or have missed writing about I get a bit overwhelmed, but I at least thought I would get an Easter post in.

Yesterday we went to an Easter egg hunt at the park.  Keely was a trooper in collecting eggs, unfortunately she didn't get as many as she could have because she was too busy stopping to eat them. 

I am sure in years to come she will realize the more you collect then the more you have to eat.  Since that girl loves her chocolate I am sure it won't take her long to figure this out.

Today we dyed eggs.  She had fun doing it, and thankfully we did them this close to Easter because half of them were dropped on the table or the floor and sustained a fair amount of fractures.  So displaying them for any longer than a day is pretty much not happening.