Saturday, December 29, 2012


Our Christmas morning consisted of Miss Keely hollering "Mooommmyy!" at about 7:50! :)  I love that my kids aren't 6am risers, but on Christmas morning you would expect it to be a bit earlier!  Her and I then went downstairs to wake up the boys, then the fun began!  Stockings have been the first thing the kids open the last few years (while they wait for Dad to get up and Mom gets her morning coffee.)
She was excited to get some makeup!
The boys were happy with their new touques with there hockey teams logo on them.
 Opening her new kitchen!
Boys with their Beats!
 Watching her new baby walk.
 Playing her violin the Keely way.

Every year we have both sides of our families up for a big Christmas breakfast that hubby prepares.  We were thankful that his sister and her husband from Montreal were able to be here before they move to the Dominican in July.  I took some pics of breakfast, but eating pictures are never that flattering, so I will save everyone the embarassment.  After breakfast and everyone had left, Mr. Chef declared he really wasn't feeling well at all, so the kids and I got ready and headed to his mom and dad's for Christmas #2.  They always keep the gifts they get for us at their house so the kids are always eager to go to Nana's after they have opened things home.
 Isaiah and Noah both got personalized luggage from L.L. Bean, hockey frames, etc.
Poor Keely had had enough of opening gifts looong before we got to nana & grandpa's, but eventually she gave in and opened some more.
Our day ended with a visit at my parents and a movie night with our Dee!  Overall, we had a really great Christmas!

Pre-Christmas Celebrations!

I'm not sure how that happened that it has been almost two months since I have posted, but here we are and we are headed towards 2013!
Here are some photos that recap our Pre-Christmas Holiday.
Keely's canvas art

Vanellope Muttonfudge joined our family Dec 9th!

Keely and Kallie decorated Keely's tree, too much cuteness!
Our 13' Beauty

Ready to go to her Church concert.

Pictures with bro Isaiah before, I love how she is looking at him!

This girl has SPUNK I tell ya!

1st Annual Rayner/Brown supper!
The littles being entertained with bubbles!
Christmas Eve afternoon making Gingerbread cookies for Santa!
Big Bro Noah helped.

All ready for Christmas Eve Dinner and Candlelight Service
Love her!

Love Them!

Enjoying Turkey Dinner at Nana & Grandpa's

Showing Uncle Pierre her new baby.
What could it be??
 Hockey stick tables!
Now on to a Christmas Day post, bare with me! lol