Monday, March 12, 2012

PPR-Post Placement Report

Today we had our 6 month PPR even though it has been just over 7 months.  Not much we can do living on our little island when the weather doesn't cooperate for the Social Worker to come down before now. 

It went really well.  Overall there isn't much we can complain about in Keely's progress with bonding and attaching to us.  She  showed her stubborn/independent side to the SW and refused to show her things that she knows like, sounds of letters, her shapes, counting, etc.  She is quite the little bugger sometimes, but we love that little independent personality that she has, even though I am sure I will have quite a few gray hairs from raising this one! :)

We just had March Break and my boys went skiing with their dad and some friends for 2 days while I and a friend had the two year olds  swimming and going on some rides at Crystal Palace.  Overall, the kids had a great time and as for the parents; sitting somewhere on a sandy tropical beach would have been the preference.  Next Year! 

Here are some more pics from our mini vaca:

Look at those happy little faces! 

They had so much fun!

Sitting in the hot tub with big brother Noah

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Break

This is what these two adorable two year olds did while waiting for the big kids to get done skiing.