Sunday, May 27, 2012


Has it really been a year since we saw this little girl's face for the first time?
The first glimpse of the little girl that would be our daughter!
Looking back at the many things we had to prepare,  last minute fundraising that took place, the stress and headaches of barely making the July travel group are now just a distant memory.  The many years of reading others blogs and seeing there families complete and thinking that it would never really happen for us and here we are!  I still sometimes can't believe we really did it and she is here. 

So here is a little bit about our girl now:
  1. She is miss independent. 
  2. She loves her Daddy and likes to be thrown up in the air by him.
  3. She has NO fear!
  4. Likes to organize her things and gets a bit upset if she can't get something just right.
  5.  LOVES it outside.
  6. This girl has ATTITUDE :)
  7. She loves chocolate (well food in general)
  8. If there is a song on the radio in the car that she doesn't like, she will say, "Don't like that", and scrunch up her face until you change the station.
  9. She loves to be read to.
  10. Is Extremely Stubborn (pretty much the most stubborn, intense little thing I have ever met!);P We may be in trouble!
  11. She loves her BP(Grampy) & Duke, especially when he gives her money and lets her call Dee on his phone.
  12. She is very bright and smart!
  13. She can count to 10, but always skips 7.
  14. Her favorite movie right now is The Little Mermaid.
  15. Gets annoyed by her brothers daily.
  16. Is very tech savvy and can work the Ipad like nobody's business!
  17. Loves for her brothers to take her for a buggy ride.
  18. Likes to say her prayers
  19. Her favorite color is Blue.
  20. Knows we are her family, and we went to China to get her.  Loves looking at the book Dee had made for us from our trip. 
So there you have a little glimpse of our Keely.  Now for some pics:
Drinking Dee's milkshake!

Planting flowers with mommy!
Ta Da!
At the Beach!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Lovin - Minus The Bugs!

I am very thankful summer is fast approaching, and so is everyone else in this house.  Keely loves it outside, but unfortunately the bugs seem to love Keely.  Her poor little head has been pretty much chewed to pieces and she won't leave the bites alone.  I think she is a bit allergic because they swell up quite a bit and the whole area around them is very red.  I guess we will just have to live at the beach everyday to get away from the bugs.  Sounds like a hard summer! :P
Miss enjoying a strawberry at BMe's & BPe's
 Chris and Noah left yesterday for the Gr. 8 Ottawa trip.  It was a 14hr bus ride with a bunch of pretty wild kids (boys).  He called at 10:30 last night and they had all the boys outside to get some energy out before bed.  They will be back on Sunday night, hopefully still sane!

Keely had a hearing test last Thursday at the Regional and passed it with flying colors.  So basically we know she just likes to ignore us. lol

Other than that there isn't much excitement going on.  We did have our first bonfire of the season on Saturday night and can't wait to have many more.  Keely enjoyed being able to have marshmallows and chips.  This girl loves food and especially sugary foods, so we have to really watch her at home.  Every girl has to splurge once in awhile right???
 Here is another one of my dad and Keely.  She loves BP and his dog Duke!  Grampie loves to give her money for her bank and now she asks him for it! (Lord help us all)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Heart

This is my first Mother's Day with my little girl!  Sometimes I find this still very hard to believe, after all of the waiting, fundraising, praying and the emotional rollercoaster called adoption.  She is here and she has been here for just over 9 months. 

I will admit that these last 9 months have been some of the hardest, amazing, trying, and wonderful months of my life.  I haven't overly admitted my true feelings to very many people because that involves being vulnerable, possibly being judged and the harsh reality of how things "really" are.

So here goes the reality, and judge if you will, but if you are not real then what are you?

Before our daughter was here I felt that I would burst with love for her, when I was handed the screeching, stiffened toddler I wasn't sure how to feel.   I don't think you can ever be truly prepared for how you will feel or react in certain situations, especially when one is in a foreign country, eating(or not eating) strange food, being handed a two year old.  Yes I know what you are thinking, "you are the one who wanted to adopt"!  I guess the only way I can describe it, is when you give birth to a baby and have the "baby blues".
You have planned, hoped for and prayed for your unborn baby, but when they arrive the ugly feelings arrive out of no where too.  It seems very unfair, horrible and of course then there is the guilt you feel for feeling the way you do.

 Well this was my reality, and it was terrifying to be in this country, not feeling like this little girls mother, but having her completely clinging to me for dear life.  She rejected anyone else, she would spit a whole mouthful of her milk drink out on a regular basis, she would have tantrums on the floor in the hotel room, and would scream if I were to move an inch without her on top of me.  Why wouldn't she?  We were complete stangers who spoke a different languange and looked completely different than anyone she had ever seen. This was my dream and I felt stressed, and sad.   I am pretty sure no one prepared me for that!  So I guess this is why I must be truthful in hopes to help another adoptive mom who may be having these feelings and to let them know that it is OK.  Yes I wanted her, yes I planned and prayed for her, but life is not a fairytale and things aren't always as you wished they were. 

This brings me to now and how we are doing.  We have come soooo far her and I.  Miss K is an amazingly smart, beautiful little girl.  I know at this point she is truly attached to us, she loves her daddy and tolerates her brothers. lol  I can honestly say that my love for her has grown and I truly consider her my daughter in every sense of the word.  Relationships take time, relationships require being vulnerable and realizing we are only human.  These past nine months we have grown as mother and daughter.  I guess like the nine months of pregnancy.  Unfortunately I didn't have the pleasure of being pregnant and giving birth to her, but I consider these last few months as delicate as the months that is required to form a baby in the womb. 

I am very thankful for my family and the way God has worked out every detail.  He knew I would have these feelings and yet he allowed me to still become this little girls mother.  I guess that is where the bigger picture comes in and He knew that I wouldn't always feel this way, He knew I would have a mother's heart for this child and that we would be OK.

So this being my first Mother's Day as a mom of 3; two handsome boys and a beautiful little girl; I can truly say I am blessed beyond measure and wouldn't change a thing.  This Mama's heart is Full!