Wednesday, September 26, 2012


On Monday, we headed to Halifax and our first stop was to our friends the Tilfords.  We met this family in China just before we all flew out of Beijing to get our babies.  Scott and Marcy were pros in the adoption seen, since they had previously adopted 2 girls.  We instantly connected with this family and were very excited to see them again. 
Here are the cuties playing,
 Pure Cuteness!!
Then on Tuesday, we had to be at the IWK at 8:30 for Keely's CT Scan.  They told us at first that she would probably need to be sedated because children under 5 usually won't lay still enough to get a good image.  Just moving a cm sets the whole thing off.  Since the scan only takes 10 to 15 seconds they thought we could try it first without sedation, otherwise we would be there for 2hrs after for her to come around.  So with Chris and I at her head and a nurse at her feet we were able to hold her and encourage her to stay still enough that the CT Scan was successful without sedation. :) YaY!
Then it was off to the Orthopedic Clinic for Pre-Op stuff .  We were seen by 5 different people and she did not want to be very agreeable with any of them.  Obviously this kid knows that something is up and this probably isn't going to be the funnest place around! Despite their measures of trying to give her stuffed animals, dolls, etc.   She would take whatever they gave her and throw it at them and anything they asked her if she liked she basically said, "No!"  Fair enough, I wouldn't want to be that agreeable if I was 3 either.  A lady came in to introduce her to a walker in case she wants to use it once her cast is on.  I did get a pic of that; but not one of the CT Scan; she just thought it was fun to push it around.
Then came the dreaded Blood work!  This girl has been poked a few times, so when I had told her earlier that we were going to see the Dr. that was the first thing she said.  Thinking that she was going to be sedated for the CT Scan and that they were going to do the blood work while she was out, I thought we dodged that upset.  Nope, it was over pretty quick though, but the aftermath lasted a bit longer than the actual poke.  Let me tell you that this girl is DRAMATIC!  As we walked down the hall past on lookers towards an elevator, she wailed and wailed, holding her arm straight out looking at the bandage!  Tears and snot flying and there was no way we were changing her mind!  She was upset and that floor of the hospital was going to know it! LOL
Finally, we convinced her that the happy face on her bandage was telling her that her booboo was all better and meant she could be happy.  All was well again and we went and played at the outdoor park/garden at the IWK for a bit. :)
Now onto preparing for her surgery and all that comes with that!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

IWK We Will See You Soon!

So next week we will be heading to Halifax for Miss K's CT Scan and Pre-Op at the IWK.  We thought this was supposed to take place in Saint John, but we find out 3 months later that we never could have had it done there anyway.  Apparently Keely will have to be sedated and they will not do that to children her age in Saint John. :(
Then Oct. 5th is the big SURGERY day! :(  I have tried not to stress to much over this because I know it has to be done to correct her knee.  Don't get me wrong I will do my fair share of stressing the days before, during and after when she is trying to adjust to a cast for six weeks!  
This will be the first surgery we have had to deal with as parents.  I imagine a blubbering mommy as they wheel her off to the OR with her panda and blanket.  She has become more and more stuck to me lately and pretty much doesn't want me to leave her side.  It is always "mon mommy" as she pulls my hand to wherever she has in her head she wants me to go.  Ugh, this will be hard!
A few of my stresses for after the surgery: the pain that she will be in and not understanding why she is in that pain.  Why she has a hard, heavy white thing on her leg and that she can't move it very well.  Sleeping at night.(Because this mama likes her uninterrupted sleep) I feel like this may be an issue for a bit.  This doesn't sound like someone who hasn't been thinking about it does it??  Regardless, what will be will be and we will deal with all it brings. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 1 Down!

We've made it through our first week of school.  There were some tears (and not from the 3yr old), but that is a whole other story.  
We have a High Schooler 
A Middle Schooler
And a PlaySchooler
I can't really believe that my kids are this old and I am as young as ever!(insert laughter)

I feel like my best blogging days are behind me!  I just don't seem to have the words or desire to update my blog on a regular basis.  I guess I feel our everyday life is somewhat boring and who really wants to read (if anyone even checks in on us here anymore) how many times we run to the potty or anything else.  Plus, I have a needy toddler and just started babysitting a 2yr old, so who really has the time? 
 I do want to try to become more regular with blogging and somewhat more insightful, but I'm not promising anything.  :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of Playschool!!!

Well I had started a post about how busy August was and all the many things that we did, but this is breaking news of today!  My baby started Playschool today!  This is completely her doing.  I told her last week that the boys would be going back to school in a few days and she said, "my school" in which I replied, "you want to go to school?"  She said yes and got very excited.  This momma wasn't quite sure, but thought I should encourage her excitement, since the boys have always had a love/hate relationship with school.(More like hate!)
So today was the day and............
 As you can see she is pretty pumped!
 Cooperating nicely for mommy
 Eating her Nutri Grain bar on the go!(She had oatmeal earlier, don't freak out)
 Off she goes! :(
 Standing by her hook with her name tag.
 1st thing she went to in the room.
 Keely and Molly
 Not even looking up while mommy was leaving.
This went much better than I had ever dealt with the boys, so I was very relieved.  On the other hand questioned, why she wasn't clinging to me?  Is she not attached enough to care or is she secure in our attachment that this separation is OK?  Any adoption experts out there that have this answer?  I am hoping it is Option Two!!
When it was pick up time, I could see her outside on the playground in a little playhouse with her little friend.  When she saw the car, I could see her pointing to it and talking.(If I could only hear what she was saying!) When I got out, she smiled, waved, and hollered "There's my mommy!"  Phew, she was actually glad to see me! :0)
The teachers said it took her a little bit to warm up and talk to them, but after awhile she was talking away. Yay!  We said Goodbye, went in and got her picture she painted and away we went to take Wowa for his haircut!  That was easy! Day 1 of Playschool a success, now we will see if we can get Noah and Isaiah off to Gr.9 and 6 as easy!