Monday, June 25, 2012


My first born, Noah just celebrated his 14th Birthday on June 23rd.  He also just passed Gr.8 which means he is headed into High School!!  Oh Dear God Help Me Now!!  I really don't think I am prepared for the changes that take place in High School, but so far we have been very blessed with a pretty easy going 13 now 14 year old who likes to be home, likes to still hang out and watch movies with us, enjoys having his dad coaching him and was really happy that his dad was able to go on his Gr.8 Ottawa trip.  So far so good!

Here's hoping the next 4 years go as well!  We love you Noah and are so thankful for you! 
Noah at Parliament in Ottawa, May 23, 2012!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1st Dentist Appt.

Today Keely had her first dentist appt. and she did awesome.  I knew she was pretty excited when we went into Home Hardware and she was showing her teeth off as if it were the dentist.  I said, "No honey this isn't the dentist yet." lol
When my boys were little; anywhere we went, either if it were to the dentist or Dr.; there were always tears involved.  Not this girl!  She faces everything full force with much anticipation and interest.  She is so funny and nothing seems to faze her.  (I think this is a good thing, so far anyways!??)

So in we went and had to wait a bit and read some books.  She was a very good girl!
Then it was her turn and in we went.  She sat on mommy's lap while they checked her teeth and showed her how to brush.  She was very interested in all they had to say and then she was able to pick her toothbrush.  She picked an Ariel one.  I just can't get over how easy going this child is with these appointments and she does whatever they need her to do.  Such a good little girl! (Most of the time!) 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1st Baseball Game of the Season!

 Watching the boys for a second, literally!!

 With the coach (aka Daddy)

 Keeping her brother energized with crackers!

 Giving the umpire some pointers!

 Hmm, how many do I have left?

 Now to the real fun of a baseball game that is played by the park!
P.S.  I got a message last Thursday from the IWK saying they had a cancellation and could take Keely in for her surgery June 15, yes this Friday!  So I called the next morning to let them know that she hadn't been called for her CT Scan yet and if that would matter and thankfully it did, so they would have to put her back on the list. PHEW!!!

Not that it wouldn't be great to have it over and done with, but for the rest of June and the whole month of July she would be in pain and in a cast.  Do you know what kind of summer that would be?  NOT FUN! NO BEACH, NO SWIMMING, NO PLAYGROUNDS, ETC.ETC!   This girl loves the water, the beach and playgrounds so I am relieved that we dodged that bullet for at least a couple more months!

Monday, June 4, 2012

IWK Visit

Last Monday, I got a call from the IWK, with an appointment for Keely on Thursday May 31!  Nothing like last minute. There wasn't a lot we could do but to plan on going, since Orthopedics in Saint John had sent the referral in December.  My poor husband had just got home Sunday night from Noah's Gr. 8 Ottawa trip, had to be away for meetings on Wed. and then we had to travel to Halifax Thurs.  We got home Friday at 3 and left again Sat. morning for more meetings in Fredericton (while I shopped).  He also had spent a frew hours Friday night doing the Relay for Life.  Can you say extremely busy????

Anyway, back to Miss K's appt.  We got to the IWK around 1:30 and her appt. wasn't until 2:30, but it worked out because they sent us for Xrays before our initial meeting anyway and we were done those just in time for her appt.  It took them a bit to figure out what was going on, he stretched, poked and prodded at Keely's leg and knee and she didn't make a peep.  In fact, she enjoyed every minute of it.  This is the little girl who wouldn't go near men especially Chris for a good month and a half after we were home and she was completely comfortable with this Dr. and even walked holding his hand down the hall.  Go figure?

Finally after another Xray of her other leg, they concluded that she has a rare condition called; Congenital Dislocation of the Patella.  Which in other words is her kneecap is on the side of her leg.  Her ligaments and muscles are pulled so tight that is has pulled her little kneecap to the side.  This could be genetic or just a fluke, so he advised to have genetic testing done.  This will require her to have an extensive surgery at the IWK to release that tension and to put her kneecap back in the right spot, sounds wonderful! :(  After this she will be in a cast for 6 weeks and then will need Physio 2 or 3 days a week.  There is a waiting list of 4 to 6 months before she will get in to have the surgery and we have to have a CT scan in Saint John in the meantime so he can get a better picture of the knee.

So we are really not looking forward to her going through this, but we know that it is needed and will help her in the future. 

This weekend was my first night away from Keely.  Saturday night Chris had a Hockey NB banquet in Fredericton and I went  with him for the night.  So Chris's parents stayed here with the kids.  Of course she made out perfectly fine since grandparents are aloud to spoil and give in when mommy's don't. :)

I also, can confidently say that she is potty trained (except at night).  She has been doing number 2 in the toilet since October, but I haven`t tried too hard with number 1.  She would go off and on but I wasn`t consistent until the last little bit.  So there you have it, this is as good as it gets folks!