Monday, February 6, 2012

1st Cold & Other Goings On!

This past week Keely had her 1st official cold/fever, with a trip to the hospital last Monday night because her fever was around 104. :/  We spent 4 hrs there, tears, blood taken and all that other fun stuff that happens at a hospital.  Thankfully she didn't have a bacterial infection, so we knew basically that waiting it out was the only thing we can do.
Buddy keeping Keely company!

Pretty in Pink even when sick!
Thankfully she is now on the mend and we are just dealing with the runny nose (snot bubbles are lessening) and cough (which is getting better everyday)!  This is how we know she is feeling better:
She thought Buddy would like some Teddy Grahams(the whole bag mind you which was pretty full)!

He wasn't overly impressed! lol
Here's a look at my BIG baby which was pretty hilarious:
My 13yr old playing with playdoh in Keely's chair.  Isn't he adorable! Lol
On another note back in November,  the Mars Bar company did a documentary and shot a commercial on our island.  It aired on television on January 30.  Our family appeared in both, but my hubby was interviewed a lot in the documentary.
 Anyway, pretty neat for our community!