Saturday, July 10, 2010

We're Still Here!

Well, we have been waiting and waiting for our paperwork to be sent back to us so we can have it notarized.  The reason we have been waiting and waiting is because one person who needed to sign a piece of document has been on vacation!!  Good for him, but frustrating for me. 

Anyway, apparently he has returned and we will be getting our stuff probably Monday.  We had our passport pics done yesterday and they were as beautiful as ever!lol  So hopefully it won't take too long to get them back.

I called the agency we will be going with the other day just to have an update and was informed that if we were willing to accept a baby with cleft lip/palate that we would get her substantially quicker and possibly under 12months of age. OKAY?????  This was one thing we weren't really considering because of well it was facial and requires possible future surgeries, speech therapy and a lot of dental work.

It sounds really aweful to say you won't accept a baby with this, but I guess we were thinking where we live on GM that she may have enough issues without there being a visible facial scar, etc.  Also, we aren't exactly a step away from a children's hospital that deals with this. 

Yet I have been thinking, researching and asking others on the yahoo adoption groups about this and have gotten very positive responses.  Many say this was not something they first would accept and eventually adopted 3 or 4 kids with clefts and say it is a very managable condition. There are some others though who say less positive things and maybe give you a picture of reality of the condition.  This scares me!!

So, we haven't completely come to a decision yet and have to do a lot of praying about this one, but it sounds really selfish and horrible to say you won't accept a beautiful little baby with a correctable condition.
P.S. I just noticed that this baby is laying on a rag quilt!!  Maybe it's a sign??  This is one of the latest babies that was brought to the Starfish Foster Home in China!  Her name is Elise.
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