Thursday, January 28, 2010

~My Boys~

Paperwork and More Paperwork!

The paper run has begun, and let me tell you what it is a lot.  I am not complaining because I actually don't mind filling things out and writing an autobiography on my existence, but Chris may say different.  He made fun of me because he thought I basically wrote a novel for each answer, but I just have more to say I guess. 

I am really getting anxious for the training session on Feb 5th and 6th in Saint John and have a lot of questions that hopefully I will get answers to.  I was a bit discouraged the other day when I looked on Children's Bridge adoption agency and they said the process right now is going so slow that families that have been trying since 2006 won't get their babies until 2015.  I can't even imagine why it would possibly take that long, but I am praying they get in gear before we get going.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010......Expecting Only Good Things!

     Well the new year has begun and I am filled with many different emotions as we begin 2010.  I always, for some reason feel a bit sad when Christmas is over and we ring in a new year.  I think it is partly because time goes by soooo fast and the older I get it seems to go by a little more quickly than I would like.  On the other hand the new year has soo many possibilities, opportunities and it seems like as good a time as any to reflect on the past year to see what changes we may have to make whether with ourselves or situations we may be in.
     This year I am especially hopeful and excited to be starting our adoption journey.  Last year this time you probably couldn't convince me that it was actually going to happen this soon, but that is how wonderful and amazing God is and he works when we least expect it.  I am soo thankful for the support and well wishes from all of our family and friends.  Love you all!