Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Is What Happens.........

When you have an older brother!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Months Since We Held Our Daughter

It is so hard to believe, it actually seems a lot longer that she has been with us. Also, seems like forever that we were in China. To think we would have been in the group that is there now, if everything hadn't worked out! So glad it did even though I miss China, our group and wish sometimes you could time travel yourself back there just to embrace it all a bit more.

Right after we got Keely:

Two months with her family:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keely's Vocabulary!

I thought I would write down so I wouldn't forget what words Keely has picked up in the last month and half at home.

1. Doddy (Dog) and even says wuff wuff when asked what does the doggy say?

2. Tiddy ( Kitty) sometime says mow mow

3. Night Night - Followed by puckering of cute little lips and a hug to her brothers, mama and dada! She always makes sure she has kissed everyone and has to have the hug in there as well. Too Cute!

4. Caa (Car)

5. Oah ( For her big bro Noah)

6. Aiah ( For her big bro Isaiah)

7. Baby

8. Moon ( She loves the book Goodnight Moon and says Night Night after I have read each page and also whispers shhhh with her finger to her mouth)

9. More (still on occasion will use baby sign language for this as well)

10. Wayay (water)

11. Tub ( usually says DaDa Tub, because he usually baths her)

12. Du ( For Duke, Grampy's big German Shepherd whom she loves)

13. Ja ( For Jade, Grampy's horse)

14. Got it

15. Boat

16. No No

17. Noe (points to nose)

18. aa (points to eyes)

19. Biryie (Bird)

20. Rya (Ryan - My friends little boy)

21. Dodie (Josie - My friends little girl)

22. Ma (mouth)

23. Bye Bye

24. Ha (for either Hi or Hot)

I am pretty sure I am probably forgetting a few so I will add to the list when I hear her say another one. Overall she tries to repeat a lot of what we say and seems to understand everything we say to her. She is very smart. She also tries to count, but as we are counting she just seems to want to say Du for each #. LOL

We had her 1st Dr.'s appt. on Sept. 13th and her weight was around 27lbs, can't quite remember what her height was. The Dr. didn't really check her over much, he did look at her knee and ankle and said she would have to see an ortho Dr. after we had an X -Ray done to see what is really going on in there. He also wasn't sure of some of the vaccines that she had had so he is sending us to a Pediatrician. We still haven't got her Medicare card so the appt. cost me $40. :/ She is supposed to go back in 2 weeks after we have gotten the X-Ray, but I may wait until we have her Medicare card.

For some reason figuring out about Medicare, SIN and Family Allowance has been the most confusing part to me. Also, still waiting for the Citizenship card.

Overall, she is "adjusting" well and is a pretty easy going child (most of the time ;P) She is soooo happy and such a loving little girl. She loves to shower us with kisses and hugs and shows sympathy when others seem upset. She has been having some restless nights lately and I am not totally sure why. Some nights it seems she is uncomfortable, and some nights I think she just needs to feel us nearby; whatever the reason a 2yr old with two adults in a Queen size bed does NOT make for a good nights sleep. We get through it though and she always greets us in the early morning with a sweet little smile and even a few kisses if she really is trying to get on our good side. lol

Thursday, September 15, 2011


When we were in China, Keely slept between us in a King size bed.  Since we were coming home to a Queen size bed I was determined that she was going to sleep in her crib and that she has.  Over the last couple of weeks she had a few rough nights so we ended up putting her in our bed and she would settle right down.

When she has gone to bed or for a nap I have layed on the bed; while she was in the crib; until she had gone to sleep.  Poor little thing sticks her little hand out of the crib constantly to hold my hand until she falls asleep.  It makes me wonder who's little hand she held in the crib beside her and are they wondering where she went? 

So yesterday for her nap I decided to try and get some stuff done after I put her in the crib, she was not happy that I wasn't laying down holding her hand, but I kept going in reassuring her that mommy was not too far away.  After a little bit of a cry she went to sleep and then the mama's guilt and questioning whether I should have done that appeared.  So today I tried again and told her mama was just going to be right out here and low and behold there wasn't a peep and within 5 or 10 minutes she was asleep in the same position I had put her in.  YAY!  I am really hoping it isn't her feeling abandoned and neglected that I wasn't going to get her anyways, but that she is confident her mama will be there when she wakes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beach Time Reflection

Sometimes you just have to wonder what is going on in that little head.  Deep thoughts at the Beach!
Waiting for the waves to come, she actually loves going in the ocean.
Brrrr, there's the wave!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kids.....Say What They Hear!

So on Friday I took miss Keely to visit Isaiah at school during his lunch break.  The kids were all out on the playground, so we headed out to find my boy.  We instantly were surrounded by kids wanting to meet Keely.  They all thought she was pretty cute. 

That was all fine and dandy, Miss K was a bit overwhelmed but was pretty happy to see the familiar face of her bro.  After the initial meeting and greeting, one of the kids gave up their swing so Keely could have a turn, so we pushed her slowly while about 8 kids sat in front of her on the ground.   Then all of a sudden one kid says, "How Much?  I want one!"  Me a bit shocked said "Well she's not for sale!"  Then another little boy says, "Yeah, they already bought her!" 

So that is where I left that conversation with 9yr olds, but it amazes me that people would tell their kids that we "bought" her!!!!  REALLY? 

I am going to be a bit patient about this because unless you have gone through IA, seen all of the different people that are involved from both countries, and the paperwork that obviously has to go through a lot of areas to get to where it is going, then I guess it would look like we just picked up went to China and payed for a baby.  Sometimes though common sense should just prevail, shouldn't it??

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What A Year!

This past year has definitely been one for the books.  I home-schooled my boys for Gr. 4 and 7, got our referral for our daughter, started a job, quit my job a week later, spent two weeks of the summer in China where we met our daughter for the first time, arrived home with just enough time to relax a bit before starting school shopping. (Yes they are headed back to public school) and we are adjusting to life with a toddler and having 3 kids. 

So the day after tomorrow the boys are headed back to school and it will be just Keely and I.  I must say these boys are a great help and I am going to miss them when they go back. It is wonderful being able to get them to watch her while I shower, go to the bathroom alone or just play with her for a few minutes while I get something done.  They are such great big brothers!

A week or so ago we went to Magic Mountain water park for the day, the kids had a great time.  Keely loves the water!  She even goes in the ocean without so much as a shiver! Brrrr