Monday, May 30, 2011

Here Is Our Girl!!!!

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Have a REFERRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I pretty much can't believe it myself.  From the news that I received on Tuesday, I pretty much had lost hope that it was going to happen this year.

So how did this happen you ask?  GOD!  There really is no other explanation.  We were 4th???  The probability of locking an under 24mo. girl with a minor medical condition was virtually impossible???

On Thursday, May 26th, I had just sent our updated homestudy off and had a little yellow sticky note saying there would be changes made to our profile.  Meaning we were willing to up our age to four and were considering other medical issues, but God knew my heart was for under 24mo. and knew that we weren't going to have to change a thing.

On Friday morning, at 10am I received THE CALL from Judy Urquhart(our social worker).  I assumed she was calling to schedule a meeting about our homestudy, but instead she said " I have a child proposal for you"!!!!!  WHAT??? After that moment I am not exactly sure what she said other than she is 22months old, her Bday is July 14, 2009 and she is beautiful.  Then I received the email of our girl with four pics of her and a lot of info.  Her name in Chinese is Huang Fu Ge:  Huang is the first Chinese character of Huangshi city(where she was found), Fu is the first Chinese character of the welfare institute that she is in, and Ge are you ready for this means: PRINCESS, that is the hope for her to live life like a princess! (It actually said this) So Keely's room is painted the color Princess Keely and I planned on using part of her Chinese name as her middle name.  So her name is Keely FuGe so she actually has princess in her name!

When we first started this process I prayed and really wanted God to give me one of those stories that was way too coincidental and to give me something that so I would know that this was HIS doing, and that He definitely did!

I will answer them before they even call to me.  While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers! Isaiah 65:24

Then we had to have her file looked at by a medical Dr.  Her only medical condition if you can even call it that is, her right leg is slightly shorter than the left because of muscle or ligaments in her knee????????  Are you kidding me!!  Another testament of how awesome God is, she basically is a healthy smart little girl, who is already walking and going up stairs so her little right let isn't slowing her down at all.  In the future she may or may not require a minor surgery to release the tension in her knee, but other than that everything is great. The Dr. did say that an Orthopedic surgeon would have to really assess her info. to say for sure what she may need done.  Ok, so who lives with and is a Nanny for an Orthopedic surgeon in Montreal???  Cassidy!!  Another God moment!!  So she asked him if he would look at her file and he did, and basically said if she were to require a surgery it would be very minor!

Is anyone seeing yet how much she was meant to be our daughter???

So when you ask will we be bringing her home?  Three months at the earliest and five months at the latest.  So our Keely will have a family this Christmas and she will only celebrate one more birthday without her family. CHINA HERE WE COME!

Thank you all for all of the support and please continue to pray for the rest of the process, our girl in China and for the funds we need to bring her home.
Pics and a video to follow soon, you won't believe how precious she is!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This month our agency matched two young girls with cleft lip/palate.  We were informed that there are currently 3 families ahead of us with similar requests.  That was very encouraging to know that we are 4th, or so I thought until I read the rest of the email.  This is the email I received:

The placements this month were for girls afflicted with CL&P. There are three families ahead of you that would accept a girl with similar age and med condition parameters as you.

By far, the most common request is for young girls without CL&P. This is a worldwide phenomenon which results in vigorous competition (among 70 to 80 agencies) for such children. We have seen the  intensity of the competition increase rapidly month over month. These young girls are now visible on the list for less than a second.

It is hard to get a fix on the number of young girls without CL&P that are posted each month but it is likely in the area of 15 or 20. It is really impossible to say how long it will take to resolve our list of families seeking these children.  Nowadays, the attempt to reserve a young girl rarely succeeds.


Ok.......... can you imagine for less than a second that these girls are visible and the attempt to reserve a young girl rarely succeeds????!!!!

Is it just me or does this NOT sound encouraging?  So the question is: How patient are we??  Should we up our age to 3 or 4 which would only slightly make a difference, do we accept cl/p when we live in a remote location, far away from surgeons/speech therapy, etc.   

In the next few weeks we will be meeting with our Social Worker to update our homestudy. (I can't believe that it has been a year) So the decision will have to be made whether we will change our request or continue to wait possibly another year or 2!  

I really want to give God control in this situation.   I would love to sit back, not stress and wait for His miraculous works to take place, but it is so hard to do.  I actually am not even sure how to even start to go about it.  Ultimately I want what He wants and I want to make the right decision for our family.  God knows the little girl that will be our Keely, and I really pray that he gives me the wisdom and peace in whatever decision we make.


Monday, May 9, 2011

A Fun New Job!

So this past couple weeks, I started my own at-home business that I am very excited about.  I joined Send Out Cards as an Independent Distributor.

Send Out Cards has given me the opportunity to create super personal, from the heart cards, with pics,etc; (You will never throw out a card again, believe me!); all for about .58cents stamped and mailed.  I can do all of this without leaving the house.  If I need to send some sort of gift for an occasion, then the option is there for that as well.

Anyway, I am very excited at the possibilities that this company is creating for others to follow their promptings, to keep in touch with loved ones, business associated, long lost friends, etc.

Social Networking has created impersonal relationships and connections that consist of virtual cards and flowers.  That's o.k. for awhile, but occasionally people want true thoughtfulness and relationship. 

So if anyone out there in Blogger world wants to create there own home business just by getting others to send love and cheer through greeting cards, just contact me. Or if you want the opportunity to send cards at wholesale costs or to just send one card at a time for $2.99 postage included.

It is so fun and easy and blesses people.  What could be any better than that?

I am hoping this will keep me busy while waiting for Keely, so far so good. =0)