Thursday, September 12, 2013

WoW TiMe FLiEs...

How in the world can summer be over??  Most of all how could I possibly have a 15yr old in Gr. 10, an almost 13yr old in Gr. 7 and little miss 4yr old in Preschool!!  I knew this would happen and I would look back, become nostalgic and wish time could stand still just for a moment, but it never does and my babies keep growing older as I somehow stay the same age! ;)
Keely has been home with us for over two years and I can't believe how much she has grown up, especially over the summer.  She is so very chatty, dramatic, hilarious, full of imagination and cuteness!  Looking back on pictures of when she first came home with her wonderful bowl cut and round chubby face, I now realize how much of a baby she was.  I didn't realize as much then because I wasn't being handed a newborn, but a 2yr old girl.  
Summer 2011 & Summer 2013
We had a fairly busy summer with lots of beach days with friends, Noah having his wisdom teeth removed then getting braces two weeks later, hockey at the QPlex, swimming, Rotary weekend, first visit to Swallowtail Lighthouse, Isaiah with his Dulsing business, going to see Thomas the Train, boating, whale watching etc.  We also were sad to lose our sweet cat Cinder.  With two vet trips and them in the end thinking she may have rabies, YES RABIES, it was a the most stressful week of my life!!  After 4 days of complete hell, we found out that she in fact did NOT have rabies!  Thank you God!  I finally felt that I could feel sad and miss her now that the scare of possibly being exposed to a deadly virus was over.  Keely still talks about her and prays for her and is certain that we will go and see her in Heaven with God, and that makes me happy!
Keely with Cinder the day before she left us! :(
The Big 15 on June 23

Miss was 4 on July 14
There are probably so many things that I am forgetting to write about, so I will try and capture a bit of our summer with photos.
Rotary Festival 2013, 1st place winner in the Doll Carriage Parade.
Beach Bums
Finding crabs with Zay and Hardin
 1st time out to Swallowtail Lighthouse

 Boating at Nana's Cottage on the Saint John River.
The boys tubing

These two were quite full of it! So cute!
Beachin it with friend Kellan

Evening walk on Stanley's Beach and happy to see Daddy after he had been away all day.
My Hard Working Boy


  1. Love it when you update your blog- miss those babies so much. (even though none of them are babies anymore.)
    Got a little teary-eyed about Keely praying for Cinnyroo. Sweet girls. <3

  2. Awesome post Kim! Where DOES time go???

    Oh and PS...if and when you ever get rid of that yellow bathing suit of Keely's, I'd like to place my 'dibs' early!!! LOVE sweet!!!