Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Every Other Day Too!

I know it has been a long time since I have posted and I am going to blame it on my Ipad!  I really don't like blogging with it and that seems to be what I am on most of the time. So, I thought I would switch over to the good ol' desk top and update this neglected blog.

Today is Valentines Day and have somewhat rebelled against making it a huge deal.  I hope my family, friends, husband and children know that it doesn't take one day out of the year to publicly make it known that I Love them.  On a regular basis they get heart shaped pancakes, I make them their favourite desserts and I tell them I love them!  I don't need you Valentines Day to make me!  Anyway, that is my rant for today! 

This past weekend we went to Fredericton ahead of the "storm of the century" to celebrate CNY at the Playhouse and meet up with our new friends the Morin family.  Poor Keely hadn't been sick all winter and ended up coming down with a fever, cough and runny nose all weekend.  Thank goodness for Advill and Tylenol is all I can say.  We did have a great time despite her being sick and were so happy to connect with another family and their little Chinese Princess.  Now for some photos from the last month and our weekend:
Daddy pulling them on the sled, the faster the better for this little dare devil!

1st official hair cut in Canada a year and a half later!

Miss Makeup

Kallie and Keely build snowfriends!

New Friends in the New Year at Arom Chinese Restaurant in Fredericton.

Daddy's and their girls watching the fish and turtles in the Ramada courtyard.

Two little Chinese Princesses waiting for the CNY show to start at the Playhouse.

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