Monday, July 15, 2013

My Baby Turns 4!

Our sweet girl's 4th Birthday is today.  I am amazed at her everyday.  She is absolutely hilarious, super chatty, dramatic, loving and just darn adorable.  She is becoming very imaginative when she plays and had us sit down in her little chairs the other night and performed a puppet show with her panda puppet, including a little song and dance!!  Super cute. 

She hasn't been home quite two years yet, but this is her second Birthday that she has celebrated with her family.  She has learned so much since her homecoming in Aug 2011.  This past week we spent at Nana's cottage at Beulah and she loved walking on the beach, collecting frogs and tadpoles, playing with cousin Cooper meeting new friends at McDonald's for a playdate and had a blast watching Monsters U in 3D.  We did some shopping at the Mall and as we were walking through the stores she would sing either her ABCs or count forwards and backwards (which I didn't even know that she could) or she would just sing a little tune.  One comment as we walked by a lady was how happy of a little girl she was and thank you God THAT she is!!  (Unless her brother's are bugging her, then WATCH OUT!)

Celebrating her Birthday is more than her turning another year older, it is being thankful that she is here, thankful that she is ours, and thankful that in a world that can be so terrible, that a beautiful story came out of that day 4 years ago.  Knowing that there is a loss for her and for her Birth-mother on this day still brings me to tears, but I am so very humbled by the courage that this woman had and forever thankful that she chose life for her! 

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Girl, we love you to the moon and back to dat sun (Keely's version) and of ALL the girls in the world you are Mommy's favorite!!

Because every little girl needs a number 4 and heart pancake made by her daddy on their Bday! 

Giant panda from her brothers!
 Shutterfly book made by mommy of her first two years at the orphanage

 The Keely way to eat tomatoes and watch a Gameboy!

 Breakfast on the deck at the cottage with Nana and Grandpa

 Playing with Cooper on the beach!

Tomorrow we will be having a some of her friends over for another party, so more pics to come!

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